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Partner ACS Eurostyle Display Package

ACS 7 With Display Phones.gif
$1,895.00  $1,399.00  On Sale!
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Eurostyle Display Package

Partner ACS With 4 Display Phones

Release 6 - Up To 3 Lines 8 Stations
Release 7 - Up to 5 Lines 9 Stations

Choose either the Partner ACS R6 or Partner ACS R7 and start your business communications right. With the popular Partner 18D telephones, you can take advantage of display features like Caller ID andCaller ID Logging.
Choose one of these processors:
ACS Processor Rel 7.gif
Partner ACS Release 7.0 Processor
acs 50 s.gif
Partner ACS Release 6.0 Processor
euro 18d.jpg
Partner 18D Telephone
4-(Like New)
1 Year Warranty.gif

12-Month Warranty
Free Shipping
Complete Documentation

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