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Avaya Definity 6402 D+Display Telephone

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The Definity 6402D digital display phone has a single line digital terminal and is a perfect entry level display phone. This Avaya phone is designed to take full advantage of Avaya Definity software used in the Definity Enterprise Communication Server (ECS), Definity ProLogix Solutions and Definity One switch configurations as well as the Avaya IP600. 6400 series phones make your job easier with features like group listen.

Features Include:

# 2 Line Display
# 2 programmable call appearance/feature buttons.
# Group paging
# Conference
# Transfer
# Hold
# 1-way speaker
# Last number dialed
# Choice of 8 ring patterns
# Message Waiting Lamp.


# For use on G3 V6 or higher. If using an offer A switch connection is via TN2181, TN2224/B circuit pack.
# If using an offer B switch connection is via TN2214/B, TN2181, TN2224/B.
# Will not work on TN754/B/C. Requirements Definity Family Release 6.1 or higher 2-wire/16-port TN2181 digital circuit card or 2-wire/24-port TN2224B digital circuit card (63869)

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12-Month Warranty
Free Shipping

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