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This 900MHz telephone can be used on any single telephone line and features an ultra-compact remote dialing unit that lets you place or take calls over a range of up to 150 feet.
It has a full telephone keypad with all the standard functions, including a 10-number memory and a mute button that beeps softly to remind you when it's engaged.
A rechargeable battery means you can talk for up to six hours before needing a recharge.
The stylish, comfortable headset features a noise-canceling microphone to filter out background sounds, so your conversations are always clear.
And the best part is that it plugs easily into any standard telephone jack, so it's as easy to install as to use!

Product Features: :
Easy installation, plugs into standard telephone jack:
Ultra-compact cordless telephone fits in the palm of your hand :
Six hours of talk time:
Eighty hours of standby time:
NiMH 9V DC battery

1 Year Warranty.gif

12-Month Warranty
Free Shipping

Plantronics CT10 Wireless Telephone and Headset Amplifier

$129.99  $119.00  On Sale!

plantronics ct 10 mini lifestyle

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Telephone Warehouse
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