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Nortel - Norstar Meridian M7324 Phone

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SKU: Norstar M7324
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The Nortel Networks Norstar M7324 telephone set makes a perfect reception phone for small sized systems, or general use phone for medium sized to large companies. It has 22 buttons with LED status indicators, which allow users to have up to 22 lines viewed on the phone. These buttons can also be programmed to view who else in the office may be on the line or for quick dial of internal users. The M7324 has a two-way speakerphone and can be wall mounted. The phone can be expanded to have up to 96 more line buttons by adding a Key Lamp Module. The price for this phone includes a 12-Month Warranty, new button pack, new line cord, handset cord and a users guide.

Refurbished Nortel and Norstar Meridian telephones have been tested to assure long dependable service. All phones have been completely refurbished with new handset cords, tailcords and plastics.

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12-Month Warranty
Free Shipping

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