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Partner II Release 1.0 Processor

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 Provides each extension with access to multiple lines from one phone
  • Provides each extension with access to multiple lines from one phone
  • Supports industry-standard touch-tone and rotary telephones
  • Supports two extensions (10 and 11) for programming
  • Supports up to two Intercom Autodialers at each programming extension - for dialing and transferring calls to other system extensions with one touch, and for easily seeing which extensions are busy
  • Lets you connect fax machines, answering machines, modems, and credit card scanners directly to your phone system
  • Displays prompts and messages to guide you when programming
  • Provides Line Access Restrictions, Outgoing Call Restrictions, Disallowed Lists, and Allowed List for flexible call control
  • Speed Dialing, Conferencing, Last Number Redial, Do Not Disturb, Privacy, Hold, Exclusive Hold, Transfer, Loudspeaker Paging, Call Forwarding, Direct Line Pickup
  • Supports Calling Groups, Call Pickup Groups, Extension Hunt Groups, and Night Service Group for flexibility in directing and answering calls
  • Provides power failure transfer ports to use standard single line telephones during power failure
  • Supports optional equipment such as doorphones, hotline telephones, paging systems, music on-hold, call reporting devices, and extra alerts

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12-Month Warranty
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