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Telecraft Two-line Feature Phone

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Two-line Feature Phone
Color - Black

Modular Ports
-Two RJ14C + data RJ12
Power source
-Optional 3 AA-size Batteries for limited operation during power failures.
- UL-Approved AC Adapter (included)

Two-lines: Two-Line Operation
-Handles up to two separate phone lines.
-Adjustable Ringers Call Conferencing
-Permits three parties to be linked together for conference calls.

Data Port
-Auxiliary jack for fax, modem, or answerer.
-Can be connected to Line 1, or 2.
Electronic Hold
-Works on both lines. Releases automatically from any extension.
Line Status Lights
-For Line 1 and Line 2.

-Eight One-Touch Memory Dial Buttons for frequently used PBX features and numbers and 8-Number Instant-Access Memory

Adjustable Electronic Volume Control
-Lets you adjust loudness of speaker, handset, and ringer.

Auto-Transfer to Handset
-Automatically transfers call to handset when handset is lifted.
Busy Redial
-Automatically redials busy numbers.

Call Timer
-Shows duration of call
Chain-Dialing Capability
-For chaining multiple sets of numbers. Saves dialing time when making credit card calls or using other phone card PIN numbers.

Convenient Memory Index
-For keeping favorite phone numbers easily accessible.

Data Port
-Auxiliary jack for fax, modem, or answerer.
-Can be connected to Line 1 or Line 2 or set in "off" position.

Display Brightness Control
Distinctive Ring for Each Line
Electronic Handset and Speakerphone Volume Control

Electronic Hold
-Works on both Line 1 and Line 2. Releases automatically from any extension.

Flash Function
-For access to subscription telephone services like Call-Waiting and Three-Way Calling.

Full Performance Deluxe Speakerphone
-Hands-free dialing.
-Electronic handset and speakerphone volume control.
-Microphone mute.
-Auto-transfer to handset.

Hands-Free Dialing
-Dial out of memory or keypad without picking up the handset.

Headset Jack and Button
Headset not included.
Hearing Aid Compatible

Large, Easy-to-Read LCD Display Shows:
-Number Dialed
-Clock Time and Date
-Call Time

Line-in-Use Indicators for each line.

Long Life Lithium Battery
-Protects memory during moves or power outages
-Memory Always Protected During Moves or Power Outages

Mute Function
-Engage in private side conversation by pressing both volume buttons simultaneously.

One-Touch Redial
-Redials the last number dialed.
Programmable Pause
-Inserts pauses when programming numbers into memory. Pauses are necessary for international calling and for many telephone-accessed services.

Ringer Volume Control
-Three positions (Hi/Lo/Off).
Tone Feedback
-Confirms each digit was dialed.

Caller ID 99 Name-and-Number Memory

Back-Lit Four-Line LCD Display Shows:
-Caller's phone number or name and number.
-Date and time of call.
-Call sequence number.

Bilingual Message Display
-English/Spanish for models sold in the USA.

Built-In Clock and Calendar with Automatic Date-and-Time Set
-Displays current date and time for handy reference. Date and time sets automatically with first incoming call.
Caller ID Memory Protection
-Caller ID information is electronically stored in memory until erased.

Dial-Back Function
-Quickly dials the number displayed with the touch of one button. You can select any number in memory to dial back.

Erase One or All Calls from Memory
-Press DELETE once to remove individual call; press and hold DELETE to remove all calls.

Forward/Reverse Call Review with Delete Function
-Allows you to scroll through the list of incoming calls and delete those not wanted.
-New Call LED Indicator

Styling Contoured Earpiece
-Ergonomically designed to reduce outside noise and increase comfort.
Desk or Wall Mountable
Innovative Design
-Complements most decors.
-Easy to use and operate.

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12-Month Warranty
Free Shipping

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