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Telecraft 308VM KSU

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Big Business Feautures!

We offer a seamlessly integrated voice mail system.
Its 3 ports provide for increased speed and performance.
The voice mail unit connects via a special internal connector thus it does not take any of your ports.
Its storage capacity is from 2 to 8.5 hours.
Note that the voice mail does not interfere with caller ID. Voice Mail and Automatic Attendant Features

3 automatic attendants
34 mailboxes
2 hours, 4 hours, and 8.5 hours of storage
2 audio-text mailboxes describe new products or services, web site, street address, business hours, etc
10 phantom mailboxes for remote employees
200 messages in each mailbox
6,400 messages per system
Dial by name -- employee 411 directory
Stock or personalized mailbox messages
Enhanced message control features
Flexible message notification: stutter dial tone, message waiting light, pager, cell phone, or a combination of them
New message delivery procedures
TeleCraft can call your primary telephone or pager, wait for your response, and call your secondary telephone or pager. It repeats this procedure once or until the message is taken
Programmable administrative controls: message length limitation, notification times, name directories, etc

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12-Month Warranty
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