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Telecraft 616VM KSU

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Despite the low price, expect more from TeleCraft:

Caller ID is not an 'option'. It is 'standard' on all lines and all ports. And, our voice mail does not block it.
FSK message waiting solves the problems inherent to stutter dial tone but it is more expensive. We comply with both.
Many voice mail systems have only 2 ports. Ours has 3 ports for higher performance.
Our automatic attendants support 2 businesses, or a home and a home based business with full separation and discretionary overrides.
The voice mail connects to the telephone system without reducing the number of your free ports!

Features Highlights

Business hours mode Night and Lunch mode
Auto-attendant, selective hold
Caller ID
Direct station dialing
Conference calls
Call forwarding, internal
Call forwarding to a cell phone / call bridging
Call hold
Call pickup
Call restrictions, toll calls
Call transfers with full privacy
Call waiting
Call queuing, CO lines
Speed dialing
Speed dialing from outside
Calling sequences
Calling card speed dialing
Station based call routing - interna
Station based call routing - external
CO based call routing
Call bridging
Music on hold (music externally supplied)
Dial "9" for external line
Automatic "9" insertion
Automatic CO selection
CO line groups
Single digit hunt groups
Overlapping hunts
Parallel hunt mode
Selective busy/no-answer routing
Station hunt on busy, call overflow, mini-hunt
Auto dialing mode
Public Announce from off-premise (remote announce)
Public Announce and follow-me

Distinctive / Selective ring discrimination
Intercom Vs incoming ring discrimination

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12-Month Warranty
Free Shipping

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