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KSU (Key Service Unit) - The control switch of a business phone system that provides features such as call transfer, call routing, intercom, conferencing, and others.

KSU-less Phones: A KSU-less system uses telephones with built-in electronics for performing features similar to a KSU. A KSU-less system will require loop or series wiring topology in order to perform its various features.

KTS see KSU. Kilobit (Kb) - 1) In terms of data transfer, one kilobit per second (Kbps) refers to 1,000 bits of information transferred per second. A 56 Kbps (or, in standard usage, 56 K) modem then, is theoretically capable of handling up to 56,000 bits of data per second. 2) In relation to data storage, one kilobit is exactly equal to 1,024 bits of stored data.

Kilohertz (KHz) - In radio frequency (RF) transmissions, KHz (sometimes kHz) is used to describe 1,000 cycles per second, or 1,000 Hertz.


LAN (Local Area Network) - An electronic information network supported by a single resource or server designed to share information with a local group of users.

LATA (Local Access and Transfer Area) - In the United States, a geographic area covered by one or more local telephone companies.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) - The display commonly found on digital watches, calculators, telephones, and laptop computers. Older LCDs provided only grayscale images, but newer LCDs offer full color and graphics through a new LCD technology called Active Matrix.

LEC ( Local Exchange Carrier) - A public telephone company in the United States that provides local service.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) - The small light on electronic devices indicating current state, such as On or Charging. LEDs are usually of one color and rarely offer more than three states: On, Off, or Flashing (intermittent On).

Land Line: The term ‘land line’ refers to a standard telephone connection provided by the local telephone company. Land line has become a much-used colloquialism ever since the advent and explosive growth of mobile telephones.

Lanyard A cord, usually worn around the neck, commonly used to attach and carry small items such as lightweight headsets and speaker mics.

Least Cost Routing: A feature offered by some telephone systems that examines the day, time, and call destination and compares it to a chart of set long-distance carrier rates. As the name implies, the least expensive option is chosen.

Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion) Battery - A type of rechargeable battery providing roughly twice the capacity of the more common NiCd battery, but characterized by a shorter service life than a NiCd or NiMH battery. Li-Ion batteries are the lightest in weight of all rechargeable batteries.

Lifter: A headset accessory that takes your phone's handset off-hook, so you have access to the telephone line to place or answer calls. Some lifters-such as the Touch-N-Talk-function manually when you press a lever. Others-such as GN Netcom ReadiLine-operate automatically when you activate your headset.

Loop Wiring (also Series or Ring Wiring) - A wiring topology that connects one phone to the next in sequence. Loop topology differs from other topologies in that the series ends where it begins, completing a circuit.


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