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QD An abbreviation for quick disconnect, a headset feature that allows the user to unplug his or her headset from the amplifier and step away from the phone without removing his headset or disconnecting the call.

QoS (Quality of Service) - A description of sound, video, or data transmission quality in a network or communications channel. QoS is a quantitative measure used as a baseline to predict the performance of a given network or channel.

Queue To line up in sequence. Or, in call center contexts, queue refers to the people waiting to speak to an agent. Queue also refers to the individual bank of phone calls that are connected to specific agent groups (billing, service, sales, support, etc.). Quick disconnect A small inline connector in the headset cord that can be unplugged when the user wants to step away from the phone without removing his or her headset or disconnecting the call. Some headsets use standard 3.5-mm connectors (like those on stereo headphones or mics).

REN (Ringer Equivalency Number) - A number representative of the maximum voltage that can be carried by a single Central Office (CO) phone line. In most cases, the CO offers a maximum REN of 5. The amount of REN required by an individual analog telephone is usually listed on the bottom of the phone. If REN is exceeded it will result in the loss of ring capability in certain phones.

RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) - The proximity of a strong radio signal or the convergence of many radio signals in a single environment generally causes RFI. Common symptoms of RFI include garbled or dropped calls in cordless environments. In corded telephones, RFI can be heard over the handset. Nearby radio stations, CB and 2-way radios will occasionally bleed into a phone line. The presence of old or improperly wired phone cables or the use of exceptionally long telephone wires are the common reasons for RFI on corded phones.

RJ (Registered Jack) - The designation of standardized telephone jacks. Registered jacks have specific sizes, pin configurations, and capabilities.

Recording Interface A device that is installed inline with a telephone in order to record the conversation. By law, recording a phone call requires you to notify your caller that you intend to record the call. However, legal requirements are frequently satisfied by the use of a periodic, audible signal (usually a beep) while the call is in progress.

Remote answering: This feature allows you to answer calls with your cordless headset without returning to your desk to lift your phone's handset off-hook. Typically, this capability is not built into the headset system. Rather, it's an upgrade made available by an accessory product, such as the GN Netcom ReadiLine, which lifts the handset automatically when you activate your headset.

Rollover Service (also Hunting Service) - A service provided by the Phone Company that automatically attempts to ring predetermined secondary lines in sequence if the dialed line is found busy. For example, if a user has 4 lines and the first line is in use, rollover will route the call to line 2. If line 2 is also busy, the call will be routed to line 3 and so forth. Businesses that wish to publish only 1 phone number will generally employ this service.

Rotary Dial (see Pulse Dial) - A virtually obsolete method of dialing using a circular telephone dial which sends a measured pulse to the Central Office (CO) to indicate the destination telephone number being dialed.

Router A device or program that determines the pathway that a data packet will take en route to delivery at its destination device. Routers are specific to network-to-network connections and are often packaged as part of a network switch.


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