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UHF (Ultra High Frequency) - A range in the radio spectrum that covers the frequencies between 300 MHz (megahertz) and 3 GHz (3 gigahertz or 3000 MHz). UHF is currently applied to television, cellular telephony, 2-way radios, satellite communications, and paging services.

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) - The address of a file (resource) available on the Internet. A URL always identifies the protocol (HTTP, FTP) and the IP address of the requested resource. USB (Universal Serial Bus) - A plug and jack standard that significantly simplifies the installation of computer peripheral devices. USB supports up to 12 Mbps data transmission, so it is suitable for virtually all peripheral devices (mouse, keyboard, game controllers, printers, scanners, etc.). USB is expected to become the de facto standard for peripheral devices.

Unified Messaging Unified messaging provides a single mailbox to handle e-mail, fax, and voice messages. Users can check e-mail over the phone (a computer-generated voice reads the message to you) or voice messages by e-mail (in the form of audio attachments). Faxes can be printed from a PC.

V.35 The most common network interface standard approved by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The V.35 standard provides direct interoperability between digital voice and data lines on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and an onsite digital voice and data network.

VOX: This is a symbol for voice-activated operation. On 2-way radios, a VOX setting eliminates the need to press a push-to-talk button in order to transmit. Similarly, on digital or tape recorders, the VOX setting activates the recorder whenever sound above a certain threshold is sensed. VPN (Virtual Private Network) - A private, secure network that uses public infrastructure to connect users over a wide area. A VPN remains secure through a combination of encryption, authorizations, and other security measures.

Videoconferencing: A subset of teleconferencing that includes a video element. Videoconferencing has transitioned from relatively crude frame-by-frame video to fluid, real-time transmission. The more realistic videoconferencing systems require T1, DSL, cable, or another high-speed, large-bandwidth medium.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) - A software/hardware combination that uses the packet-switching methods of the Internet and other digital data communications to establish voice communications. Because the call is carried on the Internet, VoIP does not incur long-distance toll charges.

Voice Mail A service provided by the Telephone Company that records and saves messages left by your callers when you do not answer.


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